Nibb-It’s Squirrely CEO by Nozon

June 19, 2014

Nozon used Yeti to help create Nibb-It’s busy CEO – we spoke with Gaël Honorez, Nozon’s head of lighting, shading, R&D and pipeline about the project and he may be almost as busy as the character the team created.


“The briefing was to realize a realistic red squirrel, CEO of Nibb-It chips, going to work and testing new chips. The squirrel is fully CG, integrated in live plates and interacting with humans – I did the look-dev of the squirrel and the lighting for all the shots.”

“We have been using Yeti for quite some time now and are so happy with it that choosing it for fur work is a no brainer – the graph & groom/cache pipeline allows us to iterate fast enough to match the client demands.”

“We went through some radical changes of the groom through out the production, but due to the way Yeti works we were able to achieve them without any trouble. Due to time restriction only the tails were going to be simulated, but in the end we decided on full fur simulation for every close-up. The corrective groom option allowed us to control and overcome simulation problems quite easily and, as the squirrel is going at an insane speed on some shots, being able to control the amount of dynamic on the fly was a huge time saver.”


“Yeti’s streamlined approach, perfect Arnold integration and wonderful support give it an unique advantage over all the existing (and future) plugins or built-in options available for Maya. Any problems we have encountered has fixed in a day or two by the Peregrine Labs team, something no other solution can offer.”

Thank you Gaël!

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